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Marc Gutenberger

Who is Marc?

Software Developer

I'm a software & website developer with a passion for building with the Rust programming language. I love solving unique and challenging problems, and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow in my skills. I also am proficient in TypeScript, C/C++, and Dart, including web and mobile development.

Music Educator

I have a great passion for music, and share that passion through education. I co-founded Musical Wonders of the World to reach out to youth in the community with the mission of creating a sense of global community through learning about the music of different cultures and time periods.

Dinosaur Enthusiast

No further explanation necessary.

Recent Activity

Co-Founder of MWOTW

Partnering with Amigo Skate Charity, I founded Musical Wonders of the World to reach youth through the music of different cultures and time periods. Our goal is to create a sense of cultural unity through the music from each of our parts of the world.

DCI Contracted

I received a contract to march River City Rhythm Drum & Bugle Corps for the 2023 DCI Season. I also received a contract to march Legends PAA for the 2022 DCI season.

SkillsUSA Medalist

I received the SkillsUSA state Computer Programming award for best performance across a written test, 3 written programs, and a technical interview. The competition attendance was 150+ high school and college students.

Tech Stack


I've been writing Rust code for several years, and I am very familiar with with the ecosystem, and advanced language features. I have written numerous applications in the Rust language from the ground up, and others upon existing codebases.


I am very familiar with the C++20 language features, as well as the C++ standard library. I am well versed in C++ best practices, and advanced features, such as smart pointers and RAII.


I have used Flutter to build a multiplatform application that keeps score for the card game Mille Bournes. The application features state management, Fluent UI, and persistent storage. The application runs on all desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Code available on GitHub.


I have a passion for the Deno ECMAScript runtime. I have contributed to the Deno core project, and have written multiple applications using the Deno runtime. This website is built with Deno, utilizing the Fresh Deno web framework.


I am quite familiar with React and Preact ecosystems and best practices in both the Deno and Node.js runtimes. This website is built using Preact.


I am very familiar with Docker and have used it alongside almost all code I write, including this website. I am familiar with how to build and deploy Docker containers, and have used Docker in production environments.