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Marc Gutenberger

+1 (920)-284-3760 | | | GitHub | Peerlist | LinkedIn


Highly adaptable and motivated software engineer with expertise in both low-level programming languages and high-level web development frameworks. Seeking a role that will challenge me to grow my skills and contribute to impactful projects.


Programming Languages

Low-level: Rust, C, C++

High-level: JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart

Web Development Frameworks

HTML, CSS, (P)React, TailwindCSS

Development Workflow

Git, GitHub, VSCode, NeoVim, Figma, LucidChart, Jira


Docker, GitHub Actions, Azure, Vercel, GitHub Pages

Professional Experience

Engineer Lead at Dart-Sys

12/2022 - present

  • Refactored legacy codebase with Rust, improving maintainability and security
  • Wrote and maintained documentation for the codebase and codegen system, resulting in a 30% decrease in onboarding time for new team members
  • Implemented CI and CD pipelines to automate testing and deployment of the codebase, reducing deployment time by 75%
  • Wrote extensive test suites for the codebase and codegen system, resulting in a 90% increase in code coverage
  • Created extensive examples and tutorials for the codebase, leading to a >50% increase in adoption among external developers
  • Optimized performance by 300% by reengineering, excluding the standard library, and using a hybrid codegen system.


12/2021 - present

  • Designed and maintained personal website and blog, achieving a 99+ score on both Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse accessibility tests
  • Wrote and published articles on various topics, including web development, algorithm architecture and optimization, and productivity tools
  • Contributed to many open source projects, including the Deno Standard Library, the Deno Core, and the Rust Standard Library.

Activities and Honors

  • Recipient of the 2023 SkillsUSA Wisconsin State Bronze Medal in Computer Programming across all colleges in Wisconsin

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